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Mortgage Modification Mediation Scheduling

Robert Branson was first approved as a mediator in 1991 by the Orlando Division, Middle District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. Initially, this meant mediating Bankruptcy cases with either a family or criminal law component. This participation changed radically after the mortgage meltdown that devastated Florida homeowners.

In early 2010 a group was formed to deal with the recurrent problem of loan modifications that were never being approved by the lenders. Both Robert Branson and Tammy Branson took an active role in the implementation of the Mortgage Modification Mediation program in the Middle District of Florida. In addition, from the vantage point of a Mortgage Modification Mediator, it was apparent that debtors counsel needed training to comply with mortgage underwriting standards. This was the origin of Mortgage Modification Education workshops, where both lender and borrower counsel could learn to give collaboration a chance. Since then, Robert has been active as Mortgage Modification Mediator and as Debtor Counsel.

To schedule a mediation with Robert Branson, Esq, as mediator, please contact Shelly Eason for available dates.