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General Questions

  • Do I have to take a credit counseling class in order to file bankrutpcy?

    Yes, credit counseling is required to file bankrutpcy and a post credit counseling class is required after you file bankruptcy in order to receive your discharge.

  • Can I try and modify my mortgage through the bankruptcy process?

    Yes, in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 Debtors are permitted to request to be referred to the Mortgage Modification Mediation Program.  The program in Orlando is very successful and my office has been instrumental in its development.

  • Will I have to give up assets?

    In most bankruptcies debtors are able to keep all of their assets.  In some instances you may have to “buy-back” assets that over your exemptions.  We can discuss the available exemptions at your consultation.

  • What Chapters of bankruptcy are available?

    Chapter 7 (liquidation open to individuals and corporations), Chapter 13 (individual adjustment with regular income) Chapter 12 (family farmer or fisherman) and Chapter 11 (corporations or individuals).

  • How long have you been practicing, Mr. Branson?

    Since 1989.

  • Do I need to bring anything to the first appointment?

    Yes, please print and complete the intake form that is available on our website and bring a list of any questions you have.  We will provide you with a packet that you will fill out if you decide to go forward after your initial free consultation

  • Where are we located?

    Our address is 1501 E. Concord Street – Orlando, FL 32803